Information About Pifra Ddo Budget Exp 2020

 PIFRA is the abbreviation of the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing, which is providing its services in Pakistan. The main purpose of this project is to enhance the monetary auditing and reporting in Pakistan. In this field, PIFRA is playing a very supporting role by utilizing advanced technology. PIFRA facilitates utilizers with several facilities. Here I explain to you all terms and conditions regarding the PIFRA DDO Budget Exp 2020. The DDO budget exp means drawing and distribution officers. It is an estimated budget for all the government employees like teachers, doctors, army officers according to disclose allowance.

Information About Pifra Ddo Budget Exp

What Is Pifra Ddo Budget Expenditure

PIFRA is the most trustworthy company and shows excellent performance in boosting and focusing on the attention of the auditing system of Pakistan. In Pakistan, the competing project is established at the cost of 5533 million rupees. In these charges, PIFRA facilitates its clients with all the facilities of government employees. They are providing all the details concerning your salary, monthly allowance. The allowance included all allowance like scholastic, medical, and all other audits. Moreover, their main aim is the easy approach into their salary slips and other loans they have availed. In addition to this, those who have tender getting updates by getting the services of PIFRA.

Procedure Of Getting Pifra Online Budget Exp

Forgetting the budget exp and payslips online through PIFRA must follow the following steps. You need a valid email address that is working on yahoo and googles id.

  • Your complete name
  • Must mention the government personal number or passcode
  • Must mention valid and fresh identity card number
  • The update and working mobile number for making an account on PIFRA

After getting the success in making an account on PIFRA, you easily the monthly DDO budget exp report on your email address. In case if you already registered on the PIFRA account, then the procedure is so simple. A registered person just opens the official website of PIFRA and enter government employee code number and DDO code for getting a monthly report of DDO budget expenditure.

What Are The Benefits Of Pifra Ddo Budget Exp

  • Features Of Pifra Ddo Budget

This is the biggest facility for the government employees of Pakistan. PIFRA is not providing the monthly budget expenditure details but gives the facility of providing digital payslips. So before making an account on PIFRA must read all features, services, rules, and regulations. Below I mention few reliable and beneficial features of PIFRA. First The biggest benefit is that if you are a Pakistani government employee, then you can avail these services free of cost.

Other benefits including :


Travelling Allowance

If you are a government employee, then PIFRA providing several benefits during the traveling. The DDO project of PIFRA serves all government employees with travel allowance. But remember that this facility is given in case of local traveling from city to another. In the travel allowance, PIFRA bears all traveling expenses of government employees. Nutritive and staying or residential expenses are not including in them. One thing clear to all employees traveling allowance just for traveling in Pakistan, not abroad. The facility is given to those who go for productive trips. There is no legal determination for the small distances with the goal that the arrangement of this kind of help is required/so for these purposes. The employees utilize collective transport for small distance traveling. So if you are a government employee, then you reserve your advantages being a

government employees during traveling. PIFRA DDO travel allowance for all government employees.

Home Rent Allowance

PIFRA offers all governments employee for home rent. All the government employees have an opportunity to getting a free allowance for home rental. The government of Pakistan will pay the rent of houses of all government employees. So by getting this facility, all the residential expenses are free of cost fro the government employees of all sectors. So if you are registered in PIFRA, then you can claim your home rent allowance at the end of the year. You can also get all records of home rent allowance directly on your email address, which is you mention in PIFRA registration forms. This is specifically introduced for those who face some financial crisis and for those whose income is less for fulfilling all necessities. So they are still able to stay on flats can easily searching and getting another option of good income without registration with PIFRA.

Medical Allowance

In addition to the above, PIFRA gives the biggest facility of medical allowance to all government employees like doctors, teachers, army officers, paramedics, clerks, etc. The government of Pakistan gives the facility of freebie of medical treatment to all government employees. Specific government hospitals are connected with PIFRA to facilitate the medical allowance of all government employees. Pakistan is allowing free medical allowance of rupees 1250 per month. So if we estimated a yearly medical allowance, that would be 15000 rupees. You can easily apply for this medical allowance in case of any illness or accident, but remember that you cannot use temporary practice in the medical profession. So you must be aware of associated hospital and monthly medical allowance limitations.

Pifra Ddo Budget Exp Features

In this category, PIFRA providing the following facilities.

  • You can get updation in the budget.
  • Easy access to all the latest expenses values.
  • Be aware of your monthly allowance.
  • Getting information about your annual tax values.
  • Getting you to pay or salary slips online directly into your email address.

In addition to the above, you can also get details of :

  • Original budget.
  • Final budget.
  • Your yearly details of everything.
  • Your special allowance.
  • Record of professional tax

Pifra Vendor

Alteration in the PIFRA vendor, he is a Pakistani government employee. Their work is to upload their documents in the downloading section. AGRP is the abbreviation of The Accountant General Pakistan Revenues. AGRP is responsible for check and summarized all financial information that is prepared by federal self account organizations. So overall, we can say that the main function of AGRP is to analyze all the information which is receiving from DAOS. So they are providing all the account information monthly, weekly, or yearly. All the records you can easily get through your email address. So above, I mention all the features and advantageous aspects of PIFRA. Before getting services, you must read all the details about every allowance and benefit. In case you want or need more details about features. You get daily updates via a posting on the website, so don’t forget to read them.