About us

Welcome to our site!

Our aim of bringing this site to your reach is to help and guide Pakistan Government employees for registration in PIFRA. PIFRA is basically a welfare program and stands for (Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing). It is a step taken by Pakistan government for getting finance and auditing system online.

Our Part as Pifra.net

We as a team do our best to help people get the latest information about this project (PIFRA) because many of the people don’t know how to get register and what the latest updates on this project are. So our part starts there because we keep our site up to date as we get latest knowledge of PIFRA from the government we update our site accordingly and keep our visitors updated.

PIFRA is a large scale project started by Pakistan government as it brings all the financial and auditing system online .Apart from benefits provided by this project, government employees find difficulty in understanding its procedures (e.g. how to get registered, whether or not I have to connect to it, what provide to become a part of this and about latest updates). So there is a gap of understanding the procedure between Government and employees.

One of its many benefits is that government employees will get monthly salary slips via email. Before this project people had to suffer a lot to get there salary slip (hours of waiting, long queues). So now they don’t have to go through all these difficulties.

Want to contact us? Email us at (admin@pifra.net)