PIFRA Monthly Salary Slip Payslip Registration Online

PIFRA in Pakistan is providing the best services to all the government employees. This is the best and trustworthy website which is sending pay slips to government employees automatically. So if you are searching for an efficient and trustworthy website then PIFRA has facilitated the employee with outstanding services. PIFRA sending the payment slip of all government employees like the teacher, doctors, nurses, professors etc directly into your email. You just check the mail updates and see all details. Below I tell you the procedure of getting the services of PIFRA and how you registered on the official website of PIFRA.

pifra stands for

What is PIFRA Pay Slip?

PIFRA is the abbreviation of the Project to improve financial reporting and auditing. Manufacturers have designed websites for the benefits of governmentt employees. The working efficiency of PIFRA is excellent and easy to understand, performing their work accurately with a 100 percent guarantee. There all employees are working professionals so no chances of error. PIFRA transform their website from www.pifra.gov.pk to http://www.fabs.gov.pk. They provide complete information from registration to receiving mail of paid slip. Now I tell you the procedure of getting slips in time.

How To Get Online Pifra Paid Slip

With the advancement in technology all the calculated data are transferred into computers. Big and small government or private sectors store the data on the computer and send updates through the online system. From the booking of travell to sending payment we utilize digital or online platforms because of its security over time. Like other countries, Pakistan govt sectors also move to an online system for pay,bills, etc. PIFRA facilitates the employee from getting your payslip online.

Registration In Pifra

PIFRA require your personal and regional information. There is all guidance, suggestions, and precautions mentioned on website. Before joining or starting you must read and clearly understand it.

Information Requirements

  • Our full name.
  • Fresh CNIC number.
  • Your cell number.
  • Only for Pakistani govt employee.
  • Must mention your province.
  • Your email address for sending updates.
  • Payscale level.
  • Government code.
  • Date of birth.

Pifra Registration Form

After getting all the information you need to fill the registration form for registration in PIFRA. PIFRA prepare the list of province code so you must mention correct code according to your province. The PIFRA Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Federal, Sindh, district government Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan ,Kashmir ,district government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir are P.B, N, F, S, DGP, GB, K, DGN, K. So when you fill the recreation form mention the right symbol of your province or region.

Provinces/Regions PIFRA Code
Punjab P
Baluchistan B
Federal F
Sindh S
District Government
Gilgit Baltistan GB
Kashmir Council K
District Government KPK DGN
Kashmir K


The whole procedure is completed in the following steps.

  • From the official website of PIFRA,you need to move towards http://www.fabs.gov.pk.
  • Go to service categories and select your desired one like online salary slip etc.
  • After entering the option of the header on the website you reach in the online registration form.
  • Now you putting all your information like date of birth, province code (K.P,B ,S etc.),age, government code in registration form.
  • Must write your cell phone number in the box.
  • The next step is to write your id card number in box .Must write your current or fresh id card number otherwise you are unable to get information.
  • The next step is to write your date of birth in the format of DD/MM/YY (day, month, and year).

For Sign Up To Pifra

Still your registration procedure under is processed? Now you need to verify your all informational data. So click on the option of verification. If you are all information is verified or okay then PIFRA asks for your email address.

Requirements Of Email Address

Just write your email address two times for confirmation and clarity. After writing an email you click on the enter button. If all your mention information and email are verified then PIFRA sends you a message of satisfactory and okay. Now you click on the button so submission. Congratulation you successfully registered on the official and trustworthy website of PIFRA.

Checking Of Pifra Salary Slips

Pifra official Salary Slips

If you want to check you are successfully registered or not follow the below procedure. Go back to the main page of registration and follow all the above steps then PIFRA send you a message (you are already registered in PIFRA). So from the next month, you received your pay slip online. You can easily receive and check within no time.

How to Get Pifra Salary Slip Online?

After registration into PIFRA, you received your pay slip or salary very quickly with securing time. PIFRA facilitates the employees by sending the record or pay slips online to your registered people. PIFRA sends this record or pay slip to your email address which is you mention in PIFRA registration from. For checking your pay-slip must open your email address which is connected with PIFRA and check your pay-slip in the online system. In case if you don’t receive your pay slip then you must check your email address is correct or not. If your email address is correct then you send a mail request to unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk. Moreover, you have an option to call on  +92- 51-9107248. Mistakenly if you entered the wrong email address then you need to correct it.

pifra online form


www.agpunjab.gov.pk Pay Slip

All the government employees received their payslip or salary slip in the email address. PIFRA sends your payslip as soon as possible to your email address. After access to your payslip just clicking away.

If You Want To Check Ag Sindh Payslip

PIFRA facilitates the govt employees not only in Punjab province but also in Sindh. The procedure of sending slip is similar to that of Punjab. Registration and sign up procedure are also the same as for Punjab government employees. All the registered government employees of SINDH which is registered in PIFRA get their pay or salary slip online through your email address.

Pifra Pay Slip For Teachers

The salary slip of government teacher is sending to an email address every month after registered in PIFRA. Government teacher just needs to register in PIFRA then they can easily get their pay slip in the online system directly to email address. You sign in your email address and check the latest updated or messages. PIFRA sends monthly pay-slip in your email address.

How Can I Get An Old Salary Slip From PIPFRA?

Go to PIFRA official website Pifra.gov.pk. Then fill up your registration from. Now mention all personal or regional information data and verified your all details. By selecting your desires services you can click on the submit button. Once you rested in PIFRA it’s easy for you to get all previous slips or records.

How can I print my pay slip online?

If you want to save or print your pays lip then follow the following steps.

  • First of all select the pay-roll.
  • Secondly selecting the pay-slip tab.
  • Clicking on the pay duration which is you want to print.
  • After that clicking on the option of print and you can get your desire period pay slip in PDF file.
  • Now you are ready to save or print the pay or salary slip.

What should a pay slip show?

In the pay-slip must include all information like salary to be paid, and the total amount of salary. Moreover, any decisions are also mentioned in the pay-slips.

PIFRA Contact Number

In case if you are suffering from any trouble or hurdle in receiving your pay slips then contact PIFRA directly. PIFRA gives the facility of phone number and phone number you can directly call them in case of any issue both ways of access are excellent. But if you want to get instant outcomes then call is a better option than email.

  • PIFRA EMAIL ADDRESS– unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk
  • PIFRA CELL PHONE NUMBER -051-9107248
  • TIME OF SERVICES -Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm
  • ADDRESS-PIFRA FABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad.


Q1. PIFRA stands for?

PIFRA is a symbol of the Project to improve financial reporting and auditing.

Q2. How do I check my pay-slip?

PIFRA sends the monthly pays lip directly to your email address. You just log in to your email address and get updates about your pay-slips. In which mention your net income and detection if any.

Q3. What is salary pay slip?

The pay slip is paper in which you mention your salary record which is paid to you as an employee from the government sector. In which also mentions your pay scale, your government code, and your monthly salary amount.

Q4. If salary slips is not received?

Do not be tense if you don’t receive your pay slip. It’s a time taken procedure so you received your salary or pay-slip after two or three days. If you don’t receive it after two or three days you wait for a week. After a week you contact directly to PIFRA cell phone number or email address for reporting the issue.

Q5. Is it possible to get copies of pay-slip?

Yes, you can get several copies of your pay-slip. The procedure is so simple. Go to your email address which is connected with PIFRA and download you a pay-slip in PDF file form and save them into your pc. If you want to print them go to the photo-copy shop and print them easily.

Q6. How to change the email address on PIFRA?

In case if your email address associated with PIFRA is wrong and you need to correct them. You just call the personal number of PIFRA which +92- 51-9107248. They can resolve your problem in record data.

Q7. How can I get a salary slip in HRMS?

Go to a pay slip and download them in a separate browser. Here you need to mention year and month then click on the submitted button. After submission all slips record are visible on the screen you can easily print your desire one.